Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Early Memorial Day

 We had the Owens' Gang over yesterday for a bbq and swimming and what a fun day.  The boys colored with the paper only Crayola kits Linda Adams got for them,
 Landon, who use to hate wearing hats, now has a love affair with them...especially the Bob the Builder one that came with the boys' mega blocks.
 and here is our baby girl who I am sure is saying, "Get me outta here"!

 It was so muggy out, that we brought the boys kitchen set inside.  They pretend cook and are constantly rrearranging the post and pans. 

The pool was refreshing and the kids are making great progress with their kicking and we are working on the dog paddle slowly but surely.  Swim lessons in their future for this summer!

Hope your Memorial Weekend has been a good one!

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