Monday, June 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby in Tarpon Springs

 These are just a few pictures I snapped this morning on my walk.  I didn't get to walk at all yesterday as I'd have ended up swimming instead due to the torrential downpour that lasted for what seemed and eternity.  This morning we have sunshine and balmy breezes but the clouds are arriving now (not quite 10:30 am) and more storms are due before too long.

 The tide was going out when I shot these but, according to reliable sources (some city workers I spoke to on my walk), the flooding was worse last night than you see here.  One of our favorite restaurants which sits right on top of the Anclote River got 2-4 inches of rain inside the main dinning room.
 The storm drains are pretty backed up as there is no place for all the water to go.  We have some sandbagging going on. 
 Apparently, E and I slept through at least one tornado alert last night.  The river has not crested yet, I have been told.  Depending on the amount more of rain we get ....right now we've gotten somewhere between 12-16 could exceed cresting levels by at least a foot to three by this time tomorrow.  Opinions vary on this.  It looked pretty high to me today as it was up to and over several seawalls that I saw.

I'll update when I can.  We are high and dry here so far.  Our home is on an elevated area but we are fairly close to the river .  Keep safe and dry my Florida friends. 


altar ego said...

aye-yaye-yaye. Hope this is the worst it gets and folks can dry out soon and begin the process of recovery.

Leighton in shades is TOO adorable!

LyndaKay said...

Hoping the water stays out of your house and garage. Much less rain in the southern half of the state. Great pictures! Don't let the gnomes float away!!