Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day Three evening and Day Four Morning Walk

I took this picture of last night's sunset through the screen on the lanai.  It was breathtaking and I'd have gone out to take the shot but I already had my jammies on. 

This morning I set out to walk about 7:30ish and make it about a block further than a day or two ago.  Put in an hour plus but walked back on the street as it sure looked like it was going to pour.  I've already lost one phone to inclement weather and didn't want to lose a second one.  Walking back on the street at least gave me some buildings to dodge under.  I did manage to make it back "home" before the rain started.
 The morning sky was pretty dramatic too. 

 Because of the storms, we've had unusually high waves and surf which has made for some great swimming by the visitors.  
 I had company on my walk!
 The frangipang is in full bloom.  We had a beautiful one when we lived here in Ft. Myers but have not been able to grow one in Tarpon Springs despite a few attempts.
 We read for a bit this morning, picked up the condo a bit since we are having my sister, Janet and her boyfriend, Dennis, over for dinner.  Then we headed out to the little out let mall to play shop til we drop.
We found a darling sundress for Leighton, plaid shorts and two tops each for the little guys, underwear and socks for E and for me...well, I hit pay dirt:  socks (I've been walking through mine), a pair of ankle length jeans, two tops, a pair of cute shorts, a pair of capris and a hat!

We stopped at one of our favorite haunts on the way home for lunch ...the menu is for you Pam Bennett.  You can tell me in the morning what you would have had.  Toasted to all the TIKI HUT gals and many others! 

Hope everyone is having an amazing day

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LyndaKay said...

You live in Paradise and you vacation in another part of Paradise. Enough said. Florida rocks!! The SOBrewery looks interesting. Will check that out next time.