Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation in Paradise South Day One

 Coming over the bridge from Ft. Myers to the beach is always such a delight.  The Back Bay teems with boats and birds and parasails.  Off to the right was this so very cute floating Tiki Bar.  There was a phone number to call but I missed it yesterday.  I am assuming you can rent this for private parties.  I can sure picture several of my pals and I enjoying an afternoon on this!

 We got checked into our time share, unpacked just before the afternoon showers hit and then, after a short visit from my sister and her boyfriend, E and I headed down the beach for the 17th. or perhaps 18th year in a row.  We always go to The Cottage on Estero Island for bacon wrapped shrimp dipped in honey and beach bread.  This year we added some lightly fried fish bits to tide us over.  This was a very early dinner for us.

 We spent the rest of the late afternoon/early evening sitting out on the patio on the beach.  We read, worked crosswords and renewed acquaintances with other owners whom we see year after year.  A couple of glasses of wine and a lovely sunset made this day complete.


LyndaKay said...

I saw that floating tiki barge near Pinchers last week! Thought of you and the Tiki Hut gals. Enjoy your stay.

altar ego said...

I know how much you love your weeks at the beach and being with your friends there. Enjoy every moment! You know how some of us live vicariously through your adventures! Love and miss you.