Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday with the Grands aka Wading in the Water!

 On Thursdays, Kristen and I take the Grands to sign class at the Safety Harbor Library and then we take the kids out to lunch some place that is kid friendly (ie no table cloths or carpeting, and friendly understanding staff with healthy kid meals).  Today's choice was the Safety Harbor Bar and Grill.  Very kid friendly!  We ate on the veranda...good fans and lots of things for the kids to look at plus fast service. 
 Not so sure Leighton enjoyed her food as much as the boys did theirs but then hers was 'imported' from home.  It won't be long Miss L before you can order off the menu too.  After all, you have one tooth now!
 Now the biggest plus at this restaurant, as far as the little boys were concerned, was a pair of fountains out in front.  So, after we ate, I held Leighton and Kristen took the boys to each of them to just let the water trickle over their hands.  Or, at least that is what poor Mama thought.  The boys had other ideas and, since they had ditched their shoes in the car, what great wading pools these turned into.  So funny.  One would climb in while she was pulling the other out!  And bad Nana just took picture after picture!

I am sure going to miss these Grands but know it won't be long before they join us to play on the beach!

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LyndaKay said...

Who needs a pool when you have fountains?! Cute pics, as always. Have a blast at the beach.