Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breakfast and the ride to school with Nana's boys

This is just another morning in our lives with our little guys.  For two little boys they have wicked senses of the time they both told me their teacher's name was Teacher Baby.  Ummm nope! and her name is not any where close to "baby" but the twins sure had us going.

So, without further ado, in birth order...(by one minute)


 Landon showing me the back of his shirt.  They picked out their own outfits today.

 Landon's "enough pictures, Nana" look (photo above)


 Look at those eyes! oh my.

 The bracelet he made at school.
 Both boys have eyelashes to die clue where they got those.
 and this photo will probably get Nana in big trouble somewhere down the road but I simply could not resist.  We have some of our best talks, the twins and me, when we have potty
And their newest joke with me is when I ask them what their name is...and they do know their names, btw.  When I say, "what is your name?",..they say, "Me, Nana, Me" both of them...they sure have my number don't they?

I am blessed and our little girly girl to boot!

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Janet M said...

They are just growing to fast and they just have to be so darn much fun. i love the teacher baby story.
Enjoy them all you can it's such a fun age.