Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Annual Conchfest at Davidson's Dockside

E and I are big fans of local events so , after our garage sale yesterday, we headed to Davidson's Dockside restaurant on Anclote Rd. here in Tarpon Springs for what was advertised as their first Conchfest which sounded like a lot of fun. 

The view was lovely with all the boats on the river and we got a kick out of the plastic pelican atop the flag pole.  It did have us fooled for a bit.

The restaurant is newly reopened and, like any new adventure , still has some kinks to work out.  If a place is having a Conchfest wouldn't you think the specials would be conch?  When we asked, we were told the seafood boil was the specialty and not one word about conch.  While the music was good and the singer talented, 80s music was just not getting the job done and actually took away from the festivities IMHO.  Only as we were ready to leave, did we ask about the conch and were told there were tons of conch specials but not one of the 3 wait staff had said a word to us til we asked what appeared to be a manager. 

The seafood boil was good and E and I split an order.
Susie, Justin and Buddy joined us for a round or two and then we headed home.  It was relaxing on the restaurant deck and we will give this place a second try as we always do.  It is a great location and the food was good.

Busy week ahead so am not sure when I'll get a chance to blog but will certainly try.  Taking the weekend off from everything and just doing what we want to do has been a delight. 

Monday looks pretty clear.  Tues I have Weight Watchers and cropping at Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor Florida with the Ladies Who Do Lunch Bunch (LWDLB).  Wed. is Nana/Papa limo service and our day with Leighton.  Thurs, in addition to limo service, I have a library board meeting.  And our weekend is already pretty booked with a fish fry at friends and a walk through the Haunted Forest up the street. Hope your week is a lovely one!

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