Sunday, November 11, 2012

Locale, locale, locale

This is what realtors talk about all the time.  Well, I happen to live in a great locale and, keeping with the Buy Local, Eat Local, Buy USA, my honey and did our best to support the local economy this weekend, even encouraging out of towners, Cheryl and Steve Mezzetti  to visit our little town and help our local economy!

This Sat. was the TREASURES EVENT  held in the parking lot where, on Sundays, our green market is held.  I roamed up for a look around and, while I found a few things I would loved to have owned, took a pass.   Oh, but there were some gems.

 This is one awesome dress and the windows, while cool, were a tad too big for the project I have in mind.
I no sooner got home from downtown than my honey said, we NEED to go to Tarpon Tavern for a micro beer and a snack.  Now I am not about to turn down that the Tavern.  So off we went.
 I had the Dunedin Brewery Apricot Wheat and E had this not the picture of a contented man?
 We split an order of crispy chicken tenders with the parm and galic with a side of the buffalo die for.

Today, Sunday, I met Cheryl and Steve at the new Tampa Bay Salvage Company here in town and look at the goodies I found (not one is over four inches).
Cheryl got a few goodies herself.  You'll have to watch for her Face book post and I can not describe the goodies adequately.  She did get one of the ceiling tiles like mine.  Can't wait to see what she does with hers; she is one talented lady.  I also sent her to another of my favorite local shops that I LOVE, Mad Hatter General Store on Tarpon Ave. in our historic and antique district.  I got the coolest bag there during last month's Wine Walk...will post a pic tomorrow.  

So, post a link here anytime that is local (for you) and let's all promote "buy local, eat local, shop USA"

Hope you had a great weekend!

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