Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I really do have a life besides the Grands, honest

Just not Tues-Friday...lol.  Today was our half day with those darling kiddos.  We got up, had a sponge bath ...ok, just one of the twins, ate big breakfasts after they got dressed and headed out to St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Tarpon Springs for Music with Mar.  Today there was a set of triplets and our twins.  Leighton is the youngest in the group but loves to pretend she is old as the rest.

Some pics from before we went to Music with Mar

 Landon and his new haircut...just daddy and Colvin to go.

 Colvin still is our Cupie doll.

 Playing beep the nose with Nana

 this is one of my favorites...look at that skin.

 If you look very very closely, you can see some of the looooooooooooooong (ok, not so long) hair overhanging Leighton's head band...see it? lol
This was our second session with Mar and I am proud to say, I know almost all the words to "I'm a big mouthed bull frog and I eat bugs".  The kids...a few words behind.
 We dance with who brought us and then we dance with someone our own size...or, in the boys ' case we continue to dance with the one who brought us.  They were approached by two pretty little girls but stuck close to Nana.  I doubt this will last so I am enjoying it.

 Leighton made a new friend but lost her when she whacked her with her kazoo...shades of her Auntie Diane Jones here!

Tomorrow is cropping at Posh Scraps inbetween Morning with the Grands and Afternoon with the Grands.  See, I do too have a life! lol


Janet M said...

Looks like a busy day but also that you had a lot of fun

LyndaKay said...

Leighton in a ponytail....someday soon. Cute pics. Sounds like a fun day.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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