Monday, April 22, 2013

Last night in Aukland

Darling Robyn and Clare made our last night in Aukland one to remember always.  We started off with a general tour of the city, drove past where they both work at the Family Court and then through Cornwall Park where the grass is kept clipped by a small herd of cattle and some sheep.  It is a beautiful park and the memorial on the top offers an extraordinary view of the city.

 Our guides, Robyn and Clare

 Our next stop was down town and a fun place, Mexico, for dinner.  We had wonderful pickled veggies, tacos, some of the best chicken and, of course, wine.  Loved this place.

 Clare in the bathroom showing me the photo of Freddy Fender (we actually found five on the walls).

And here are E, Robyn and Clare trying to pay for our parking...this was one of those "had to be there" hysterical moments.

More of the city by the harbor...
 The needle shape was the first thing we saw when we pulled into the Aukland Harbor all a lit and a glow.

 And for the sunset on Victoria Point.

What a beautiful city and how luck we are to have friends like all our new ones in New Zealand.  Bless you Clare! and many thanks to all of those wonderful people who showed us such warmth and fun!

The next day, Leonie, Les and Clare took us to the airport and helped us on our way.  We flew on New Zealand air and our plane was festooned with drawings from the Lord of the Rings movie that was recently filed there.  Our plane left at 7:30 pm  and 12 hours later we were in LA and four hours late in Houston and then on our way home.  Our driver picked us up at midnight and it was technically the same day we left but our bodies sure knew the truth. 

Thus ends the madcap adventures of E and Jules in Australia and New Zealand.  We're thinking about the British Isles for our next trip with a side trip to Paris, of course.  While I've been to London and the surrounding country side and to Paris, E has never been and the last time I was there was in the early 80s. 

I am returning this blog to its regularly scheduled programming ramblings as a  resident in Paradise. . 

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