Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tues morning with the Grands

This is our half day with the kids.  And it also Music with Mar day.  The kids learn all sorts of things here and Leighton, in particular loves to march.  Today Colvin sang the "Hello Frogy" song and got a high five and a download from Ms Mar's on line store.  Landon had a case of stage fright as he knew the words and sang them with me before we left the house.  Maybe next week...

Meanwhile, here they are

I was combing the Twins hair and Leighton insisted I comb hers too.  I'm entitling these "wishful thinking'...lol.

Music with Mar

 Poor Landon was having some teeth problems...he was just not his usual fun self today poor little guy.

And then the trip home...which is always something else.  Leighton sang E I E I OOOO or her version of it while Landon tried to doze and Colvin just hummed along.

And, of course, Leighton had to play Hollywood!

Tomorrow is another day with these goofy little kids that keep us so alive!

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LyndaKay said...

Those pics put a smile on my face!