Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Turkey Day 2014

We had our Thanksgiving early this year as Rob had to be at work at 4:30pm.  Who ever thought that opening stores on Thanksgiving Day was a good thing needs to have their head examined.  I am grateful that we did get to spend at least some of the day together as a family. 

Kristen had the 3 Grands dressed out in Turkey shirts and hats and all three were such fun.

A couple of years ago, Papa got the kids their own tree to decorate in hopes that we could take down the fence we erect around out tree.  He and I have been collecting hand blown and painted "vintage" Santas for year along with quite a few glass ornaments which seem to attract little hands.  Despite the fact the Grands do love having their own tree, they are still drawn to ours so the fence remains.  Traditionally, they decorate their tree on Thanksgiving Day while the last of the food preparations are being completed. 

                                                              The finished product.

This year, the Grands attention was also drawn to our Christmas Island Village so Nana bought them the start of their own at the Dollar Store!

Kristen and Rob in a rare together photo...I think they were texting each other! lol

Leighton and her buddy, Goof the Cat

And Rob and Landon doing some uncle, nephew bonding over tiny Lego pieces.

I am feeling blessed this holiday to be surrounded by my wonderous husband, great children, loving son in law and my 3 so loved Grands.  Hope your holiday was wonderful as well.

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LyndaKay said...

You ARE blessed! And what wonderful traditions you're setting up for the grandkids! You inspire me.