Monday, December 08, 2014

From our house to yours...

                        Happy Holidays 
We've had a busy week or two since Thanksgiving.  We usually have the whole house decorated and turn on everything Thanksgiving night.  We were a bit behind this year due to a few (now resolved) health issues and are finally done.  We got a new tree after the holidays last year and love it.  It is frosted one and we sure have a lot of glitter everywhere!

 And here are a few of our glass blown "vintage" Santas...we add a new St. Nick every year.

                                                     and Santa has to have reindeer, right?

 Our outside front and back are done.  We did order some blue laser lights for the front but they are not in yet.  But the lanai is finished and we are starting to set up for our annual Christmas Party.
                                                  Our Tiki god of Beer is showing his age.
                                                                  The Grands' tree
               Come Sat., I'll put on the pretty table cloths, set out the centerpieces and wait for our guests    to arrive.  E has been cooking up a storm .
 I'll take a few more shots the day of the party.  We have the Snow Place like Tarpon Springs event the night before and our little town's annual Christmas parade that morning much fun!

                                                     Our Christmas Island village

None of our house pieces are taller than 3 inches and this village has been growing since 1987, started by my kids, Rob and Kristen on a Christmas long ago.

Each room in our house has its own festivities.
Our room
                                  My snow globes go above the cabinet across from our bed.
Our guest room is done in deer and moose with lights around the window and one "guy" who welcomes visitors.  This guy below is new and hand selected by grandson, Colvin.  The Grands love the guest room as there is nothing they can break or is all theirs.

      My workroom has my retro Christmas tree, Lucy (Lucille bit the dust year before last), and topped with one of my favorite Santas from our friend, Clare in New Zealand.

The guest bath is all snow people, the kitchen cheerful and kitchy, the entry way has the Nativity set and an angel given to me by a friend we all call Lady Di.
More pictures when I get a chance and thanks to all of you who read and follow my blog.  Happiest of holidays to you, no matter which one you celebrate.

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LyndaKay said...

Such a festive house!! Merry Christmas to you and E.